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Razorpay's Advanced Approach to Threat Correlation & Remediation

Razorpay's Advanced Approach to Threat Correlation & Remediation

In a recent video, Razorpay showcased their groundbreaking ARCTIC tool for automated remediation and Threat Correlation, initially presented at BlackHat USA. As a FinTech giant in India, processing over $100 billion with 10 million merchants, Razorpay faced challenges in managing multiple digital payment streams and monitoring fintech-specific threats. The ARCTIC solution, developed in collaboration with Shoreline, integrates various feeds to manage incidents efficiently, reduce false positives, and enable quick automated repairs. The video features Shoreline's CTO, Charles Cary, and Razorpay's Principal Security Engineer, Ashwath Kumar, demonstrating ARCTIC's effectiveness in enhancing production operations. Contact me for further insights into this innovative collaboration.