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Discover incident patterns, generate runbooks, and automate resolutions.

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Shoreline AIOps Platform

Automate your runbooks with AI.

Shoreline leverages advancements in generative artificial intelligence to accelerate creating and executing automations.

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Incident analysis.
Shoreline generates a weekly incident report with a natural language explanation of your production incidents. It contains actionable insights to help you understand application performance, promote root cause analysis, and improve customer experience.
Automatic runbook generation.
With a click, Shoreline leverages machine learning to evaluate your tickets and automatically creates a runbook that is self-documented, parameterized, and compatible with your cloud of choice.
Cloud interoperability.
Seamlessly port scripts between cloud providers or platforms. Simplify service management -- you can port from AWS, Azure, and GCP, for Kubernetes and VM-based platforms.
Find related issues.
Shoreline uses AI-generated data to find issues related to former incidents and transform these into related runbooks. Shoreline is the only AIOps tool leveraging your history of past incidents to accelerate debugging and repairs.

What is Shoreline?

How Shoreline works

Shoreline is an AIOps platform that helps engineering teams debug, repair, and automate away production incidents. Gain rich visibility into your infrastructure and run debug and repair commands across thousands of nodes and containers.

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Uncover patterns in your systems.
Connect observability, incident management, and monitoring tools for a comprehensive view. Analyze this data to prevent outages, increase availability, lower costs, and improve service management.
Generate runbooks.
Utilize AI to create runbooks for incidents, outages, and service disruptions. Natural language processing and machine learning analyze your incidents to identify appropriate debug and repair commands.
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Shoreline helps leading technology companies streamline their operations

Wojciech Krupa
Shoreline is helping us proactively eliminate issues before they lead to downtime. Self-healing repairs are also freeing my team so they can work on new features instead of fixing the same things over and over.

Our partners make us better

Shoreline is built on top of leading cloud technologies and we're proud to work with the best in the industry.

Shoreline UI Alarms dashboard

Increase operational efficiency

Fix issues faster

Expedite and automate the entire remediation process, from discovery through resolution. Leverage our AIOps platform to accelerate runbook creation and use the Shoreline automation engine for execution.

Execute fleet-wide commands.
Query your resources, identify problems, and run any shell command you need; anywhere in your infrastructure. You get a comprehensive bird's eye view to identify performance issues quickly.
Identify root cause.
Combine Shoreline's AIOps platform and distributed debugging capabilities with third-party integrations to quickly figure out what's going on. Use existing tooling to analyze data and uncover recurring themes, including New Relic, Sumo Logic, Datadog, and ElasticSearch.
Share tribal knowledge.
Collaborate by discovering and encoding best practices within your team. Then, promote them throughout your organization with shared runbooks, alarms, and actions.

Improve security and compliance

Guardrails, auditing, and fine-grained access control

Monitor and manage everything your team does through Shoreline with security and compliance tooling; no SSH is required.

Shoreline UI Access Control users
Customizable circuit breakers

Easily restrict if, when, and how often Shoreline and its users can execute actions on your systems. Define rules to align with business processes, ensuring your systems are safe.

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Full audit logging

For every action, Shoreline captures who ran it, what was done, and all related resources. From there, you can ship these audit entries to your log monitoring tools for real-time alerting.

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Fine-grained access control

Manage permissions for individual users and groups for select actions or runbooks. Enable multiple teams to use Shoreline's AIOps platform without impacting each other.

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Lower overhead

Reduce cloud costs

Shoreline lowers infrastructure costs by identifying underutilized resources and executing safe cleanup runbooks.

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Real-time resource monitoring.
Our monitoring dashboard lets your team track every host, pod, and container within your fleet, a truly multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring tool. Integrate with performance monitoring to observe services and assess running applications.
Multi-cloud support and provider agnostic.
Shoreline supports all major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. You can also use Shoreline in cross-provider, multi-cloud deployments.

Improved availability

Lower MTTD and MTTR

Eliminate toil by streamlining and centralizing incident analysis and automatic remediation. Where other AIOps platforms deduplicate tickets, Shoreline directly saves analysis, configuration, and execution time.

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Single-click tool integration.
Connect Shoreline's AIOps tools with your existing incident and monitoring platforms to streamline communication, improve operations, and reduce mean time to detect.
Incident pattern and anomaly detection.
Shoreline uses advanced AI natural language processing to intelligently and automatically label your incidents based on potential severity and impact. We combine data from multiple sources, including observability and event management tools.
Evaluate team performance and health.
Gain insight into how your on-call teams and services perform over time and track key metrics such as MTTR. Then, dive deeper and look at individual performance metrics across your on-call engineers and teams.

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