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Making Something From Nothing: Anurag Gupta Of Shoreline On How To Go From Idea To Launch

An Interview With Fotis Georgiadis - Overcoming the struggle in taking a good idea and translating it into an actual business.

Different is better than better. If you’re trying to disrupt an existing space, being 10% better or even 100% better, doesn’t matter. Your competitors are also talented, have a head start, and are lower risk. Ideally, you can be at least 10x better on two separate axes that your customers care about. When I launched Amazon Redshift, AWS’s cloud-native data warehouse, we led with a tagline of being “10x faster, 10x cheaper.” In that market segment, it was transformative and led to what, for a time, was AWS’s fastest growing service. We couldn’t have done so without building and selling differently from market segment incumbents.

In this article, part of a series called “Making Something From Nothing,” Fotis Georgiadis interviews Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO of

Questions covered include:

  • Can you share a few ideas from your experience about how to overcome the struggle in taking a good idea and translating it into an actual business?
  • How would you recommend that someone go about researching whether or not their idea has already been created?
  • What are your thoughts about bootstrapping vs looking for venture capital?
  • What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Started Leading My Company” and why?

To read the full interview with Anurag's responses follow this link to Medium.