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16 High-Impact Lessons Every Leader Should Learn From The ‘Tech Giants’

Learn from tech giants like Apple & Google: their strategic choices and a culture accepting failures fuel innovation and success.

Tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla and Google are household names for a reason—they deliver the products and services customers want (sometimes even before customers know they want them). Their success hasn’t happened overnight or by accident. Rather, deliberate choices made by these companies’ leadership teams have led to successful results, time and time again.

Not every company can become a trillion-dollar global giant, but every company leader can take a look at and learn from the practices that got Big Tech companies where they are. These lessons can be especially important and impactful for companies that are also part of the tech sector. Below, members of Forbes Technology Council share some essential lessons leaders can (and should) learn from the “innovation powerhouses.”

As per Anurag Gupta, former VP of AWS and current CEO of, a culture of innovation needs to accept failures.

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