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Shoreline Operations Notebooks

Record, curate, and publish incident debug and repair best practices to safely empower on-call teams.
1 min

Forget static Runbooks.
Leap ahead to interactive visual Notebooks.

Shoreline Notebooks provide one-click access to real-time, per second debug data and powerful, fleetwide repair commands.

* Automatically capture debug and repair sessions per incident type
* Curate proven best practices for diagnosing and repairing incidents
* Instantly share notebooks with operators when an alarm is triggered


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2 min
What We Do at Shoreline (In 140 Seconds)
Shoreline helps on-call operators reduce incidents resulting in a better on-call experience and better availability for their customers.
3 min
Actively Managing Systems to Improve Utilization
We're all being asked to do more with less now a days. For those of us in production operations, one of the best ways we can do that is eliminate waste with automation to drive higher utilization.
2 min
Risks of Automation vs. Human Errors
Automation is risky. Errors in the remediation code could worsen an outage. While that’s true, we also know that human error causes 5x more incidents than automation. You can fix code. You can't fix people.