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Shoreline Operations Notebooks

Record, curate, and publish incident debug and repair best practices to safely empower on-call teams.
1 min

Forget static Runbooks.
Leap ahead to interactive visual Notebooks.

Shoreline Notebooks provide one-click access to real-time, per second debug data and powerful, fleetwide repair commands.

* Automatically capture debug and repair sessions per incident type
* Curate proven best practices for diagnosing and repairing incidents
* Instantly share notebooks with operators when an alarm is triggered


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13 min
Shoreline Incident Automation Demo
See Shoreline in action, debugging an incident and automating remediations in a fraction of the usual time.
2 min
Debugging a Fleet as Easily as an Individual Box
Underneath the covers, the underpinning technology is a lot like a parallel SQL database.
1 min
Shoreline Actionable Alarms
Shoreline Alarms identify issues with high specificity so that they are immediately actionable.