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Automation Anywhere combines Sumo Logic and Shoreline to optimize production operations

Automation Anywhere Optimizes Production Operations with Sumo Logic and

At Sumo Logic's Illuminate conference, Head of Cloud Operations at Automation Anywhere Raj Desikavinayagompillai discussed how the company optimizes production operations with Shoreline's cloud reliability platform. During the session, Raj also highlighted Shoreline as a key piece of his company’s strategy to automate and accelerate cloud operations moving forward.

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TigerGraph customer quote

TigerGraph Reduces Operations Team Workload by 60 Hours Per Month with

Shoreline helps TigerGraph scale in the cloud with a small operations team by automating mundane tasks and quickly finding the root cause of degraded service.

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Automation at Dataiku Eliminates DevOps Work and Improves Customer Experience

Almost 170 remediations were automatically triggered last month, conservatively saving over 20 FTE days of DevOps work, while improving app performance.

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Louis-Philippe KronekGM, Dataiku Online
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