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Learn how Shoreline's automation platform works under the hood and how it gives engineering teams the tools to debug, repair, and automate away production incidents.


Built for scale

Shoreline's modern architecture supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and GCP. To enable operations at the edge, efficient and non-intrusive processes, called agents, run in the background of all monitored hosts.

Shoreline Architecture
Broad deployment options
Agents run as a DaemonSet or StatefulSet on Kubernetes or as an installed package on VMs (apt, yum)
Multi-cloud support
The backend is typically hosted by Shoreline in AWS, but can also be deployed in your AWS virtual private cloud.
Minimal footprint
Agents are designed to be non-intrusive and efficient, with a footprint of 250MB of memory and 1/4 CPU core.


Always available, safely and securely

Starting with a strong foundation for security, reliability, and safety,’s architecture also offers the flexibility to meet your cloud business needs. Want to install the back end in your own environment? No problem. Need to deploy across multiple cloud providers? Of course, you can.

Shoreline encrypts data in transit and at rest using customer keys, ensures customer credentials are never made available, and is guided by the principle of least privilege to increase system security. We're also SOC2 certified.
We restart all bad components automatically, failover across AZs and regions, and can execute even when the system is partially unavailable.
Rather than relying on SSH access, Shoreline uses Terraform and CI/CD pipelines to add rigor in production ops. Role-based access control, scope limits, circuit breakers, and audit trails collectively add safety.

Integrations runs with your stack

With dozens of integrations and multi-cloud support, Shoreline works with nearly all your existing tools and configurations.

Shoreline UI Access Control
Shoreline UI Actions


Easy to use.
Whenever. Wherever.

Our automation platform is built with a wide range of tools and services, allowing you to engage with how it's most convenient for you and your team. From a web UI and Terraform support to a CLI and Jupyter-style notebooks, Shoreline gives you the tools you need to debug, repair, and automate away production incidents.

Convenient web UI.
Our web dashboard provides complete control over the Shoreline platform including resource monitoring, interactive runbooks, fine-grained access control, third-party integrations, and much more.

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Powerful CLI.
Interact with your entire fleet from a single terminal using Shoreline's powerful Op language. With the Shoreline CLI you can query resources, execute shell commands, view Shoreline audit events, monitor long-running jobs, export objects to Terraform, and more.

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Interactive runbooks.
Shoreline Notebooks are interactive runbooks that allow you to build out series of annotated steps for debugging and repairing recurring incidents. Notebooks are shareable, exportable, and can be integrated into your existing Terraform pipelines. Notebooks can be created manually or auto-generated from your incident management software using our automation tools.

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Official Terraform provider.
The Shoreline Terraform provider and associated Op packs are remediation-as-code tools that integrate with your existing CI/CD pipelines. Generate auto-remediation and diagnostic objects throughout your fleet using standard Terraform configuration files and patterns.

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Complete control, from a convenient dashboard

Shoreline's web UI provides everything you need to interact with across your fleet. Create and manage runbooks, monitor resources and metric data, adjust access control settings, create alarms, actions, or remediation loops, and much more.

Real-time resource monitoring.
Our real-time resources dashboard lets you view all Shoreline-connected hosts, pods, and containers. Filter and sort the resources list by tag and view data-rich metric graphs for individual resources.
Fine-grained access control.
Manage permissions for individual users, user groups, and even for individual actions or runbooks. Enable multiple teams to leverage's automation platform without impacting each other.

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View audit logs.
Shoreline records every action including who ran it, what was done, and all the resources that were impacted. From there, you can optionally ship these audit entries to your log monitoring tools for real-time alerting.

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Shoreline UI resources dashboard