Max out your GPU utilization

Automations and proactive break/fix workflows to improve throughput and reduce latency —for one GPU or thousands. solution for cloud GPUs

How it Works

Shoreline for GPUs activates, debugs, and remediates GPUs across public clouds, private clouds, and virtual and physical hardware. Learn more solution for cloud GPUs diagram
Accelerate day 1
Speed up capacity verification for new GPUs
Bring up each GPU quickly with minimal manual effort using automations that perform single-node validation, diagnostics, point-to-point verification, and performance and stress tests.
Proactive day 2 repairs
Repair faster with automated break/fix workflows
Avoid lengthy debugging cycles and outages with automated break/fix workflows. Use remediation actions including cordoning, draining, and restarting impaired nodes to keep GPUs running.
Reduce GPU expenses with monitoring and issue detection
Ensure all of your expensive GPU resources are operating at peak capacity with system-wide monitoring for availability, degradation, or breakage.
Drive up throughput for training workloads
Ensure every node is at full operational capability during training workloads that require significant resources. Rightsize GPU jobs, detect laggard nodes, and automate diagnosis & repair.
Drive down latency for inference workloads
Reduce slow-downs and non-responses during inference workloads by right sizing, scaling, scheduling and sharing resources with Shoreline tooling.

Shoreline for GPUs

Maximum GPU Utilization connects to your GPU infrastructure and control plane as a single access point and real-time view of production systems. Permissioned users have performance visibility, cost analysis, single-touch hardware bring ups and no-code remediations with secure, audited access.

GPU monitoring & observability
Each node needs to operate at peak performance for training and lighting-fast inference. Shoreline monitors across Kubernetes, bare metal and Slurm AI clusters whether on prem or in any cloud, allowing you to quickly pinpoint GPU breakage or degradation.
GPU cost management
Shoreline reduces operational costs and creates a more sustainable fleet. Our solution offers rapid bring-ups, prewarming strategies and sleep modes for enhanced resource efficiency and flexible capacity adjustments with scaling inference capacity to align with demand fluctuations.
GPU resource fleet management
Shoreline scales seamlessly from a few nodes to thousands, ensuring consistent performance regardless of your infrastructure's size. With real-time distributed execution and a GitOps-managed runbook library, our solution optimizes operational efficiency and simplifies the management of complex systems, making it the ideal choice for businesses aiming for high scalability and reliability.
Production access control
With Shoreline, your GPU infrastructure becomes a secure and auditable environment, with role-based access control to only specific actions without needing to provide SSH or sudo to your operators. All access is secure and audited.