SQL Server Deadlock Incident

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A SQL Server deadlock incident occurs when two or more processes are blocked and waiting on each other to release a resource. This results in a situation where none of the processes can continue executing, causing a system slowdown or complete system failure. The incident requires immediate attention from a software engineer to identify and resolve the issue.



Shell command to retrieve process id for sql server instance.

Get active SQL Server sessions and their status

Get currently executing SQL statements for a given session ID

Get information about current locks and blocking chains

Get information about deadlocks that have occurred

Get current SQL Server performance statistics

Get current SQL Server performance statistics

Multiple transactions trying to access the same resource simultaneously.


Sql query to retrieve information about currently running or suspended sessions and associated queries.

Avoid using NOLOCK or READ UNCOMMITTED transaction isolation levels as this can lead to dirty reads and make deadlocks worse.

Increase the timeout value for transactions to allow more time for resolving deadlocks.

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