Tomcat Thread Deadlock Conditions Detected

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Thread deadlock conditions occur when two or more threads are blocked and waiting for each other to release a resource, causing a system to hang or become unresponsive. In the context of a Tomcat server, this could cause the server to stop responding to incoming requests. Detection of thread deadlock conditions on Tomcat is an indication of a critical issue that requires immediate attention to restore normal server operation.



Check the number of threads that Tomcat is currently running

Check the number of idle threads

Check the status of the Tomcat server

Check the current memory usage of Tomcat

Check which threads are holding onto locks

Incorrect synchronization of threads leading to deadlock.


Restart Tomcat: This is the most common solution to fix the thread deadlock conditions. Restarting Tomcat forces all threads to stop and start fresh.

Increase Thread Pool Size: A deadlock can occur when there are not enough threads available to execute requests. Increasing the size of the thread pool can help avoid deadlock conditions.

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