Back to Blog Announces Availability of the Datadog Incident Repair Kit

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce toil with instant fixes to common production incidents.

Redwood City, CA - October 18, 2022 -, the Cloud Reliability company, today announced the availability of the Datadog Incident Repair Kit. This solution gives engineers an integrated environment to diagnose and repair incidents raised by Datadog monitors. Shoreline makes it easy to automatically repair common production incidents. The fully integrated incident repair kit enables all of this without ever leaving the Datadog user interface.

Datadog is a sophisticated monitoring solution for cloud applications that helps businesses identify anomalies and incidents in their applications and infrastructure. On-call teams responsible for system reliability receive alerts from Datadog that they then must diagnose and repair, usually manually. A recent survey of over 300 on-call professionals revealed that 48% of incidents in production cloud environments are straightforward and repetitive. In addition, human error was the #2 cause of major incidents and was responsible for 34% of all major outages. This kit addresses both of these findings by enabling faster, safer repairs.

“Combining Datadog monitoring with Shoreline has freed my teams of repetitive tasks and allowed them to dedicate more time to improving resiliency, securing environments, and lowering costs, '' said Dr. Jay Yu, TigerGraph's VP of Product and Innovation. “As the fastest and only scalable graph database for the enterprise, TigerGraph has seen fast growing demands for our fully managed DBaaS offerings that intensifies the pressure for our teams to rapidly fix issues. I recommend Shoreline to any Engineering or DevOps leader seeking a solution that provides high ROI and significantly improves team productivity.”

“The combination of Datadog and Shoreline can vastly improve most on-call teams current approach,” said Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO at Shoreline. “After Datadog identifies and alerts teams of an incident, Shoreline’s pre-built repair actions quickly resolve it. The result? Safer, faster, and more consistent repairs of common incidents that improve the customer experience and free your engineering team to focus on higher-value work.”

Shoreline’s Datadog Incident Repair Kit allows customers to connect up to 20 pre-built Shoreline repair actions with Datadog Monitors to enable incident self-healing for up to 500 nodes. (See a list of pre-built actions here*.) Additionally, the Shoreline team will build up to 5 additional custom actions that are tailored for the company’s environment.

  • Shoreline is available in the Datadog Integrations Marketplace with installation only taking a few minutes. Once installed, Shoreline repair actions are available directly within the Datadog UI so users can associate Datadog monitors with Shoreline actions. The actions may be set to automatically run when alerts are triggered, or they can be run manually without leaving Datadog. The Shoreline team is available to help configure, test and deploy these actions.

Companies around the world rely on Shoreline’s Cloud Reliability Platform to self-heal common incidents in production, broaden the team that can safely repair incidents, and perform live site debugging of new incidents. To discuss the combination of Shoreline and Datadog in your environment, stop by the Shoreline Booth: #38 in the Marketplace Pavilion at Dash 2022, taking place on October 18th - 19th in New York, NY.

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