Host Out of Memory (OOM) Incident

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The Host Out of Memory (OOM) Incident occurs when a server or system runs out of memory, causing it to crash or become unresponsive. This can be caused by various factors, such as an unexpected surge in traffic or insufficient resources allocated to the system. Resolving this type of incident requires identifying the root cause of the memory issue and taking appropriate measures such as optimizing system resources or increasing memory capacity.



Check the amount of free memory

Check the amount of used memory by each process

Check the event viewer logs for any out of memory errors

Check the system limits for the amount of memory available

Check the page file usage on the host

Check the process limits for the user running the process


Reduce the number of applications or processes running on the host by shutting down unneeded services.


Before you proceed with changing the instance type, please be aware that the current instance will restart during the process. Changing the instance type involves stopping the current instance, resizing its resources, and then starting it again with the new configuration.

Changing the Machine type in GCP

Change the size of an Azure VM using the Azure CLI

Changing AWS Instance type Using AWS CLI

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