Tomcat JVM OutOfMemory Incident

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Tomcat JVM OutOfMemory incident occurs when the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running the Apache Tomcat server runs out of memory, which causes the server to crash or become unresponsive. This type of incident can happen due to a variety of reasons such as incorrect configuration settings, memory leaks, or insufficient memory allocation. When this incident occurs, it can impact the availability and performance of the web application running on the Tomcat server.



Check if there's enough available memory

Check the current memory usage by the Tomcat server

Check the memory settings in the Tomcat configuration file

Check the JVM memory usage

Check the heap dump for memory leaks

Analyze the heap dump for memory leak issues

Check the garbage collector logs for clues

Check for any errors in the Tomcat logs

Memory Leak: One of the possible reasons for the Tomcat JVM OutOfMemory incident could be a memory leak in the application causing it to consume all available memory.


Increase the memory allocation for the Tomcat server by modifying its configuration files.

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