Postgresql high rollback rate incident

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This incident type refers to a situation where the Postgresql database has a high rollback rate, which means that a high percentage of transactions are being aborted compared to the committed ones. This can cause issues with data consistency and performance, and may require investigation and resolution by the responsible team. The incident details may include information about the affected database instance, the service or system impacted, the urgency level, and any related alerts or escalations.



Check the status of the PostgreSQL service

Check the PostgreSQL logs for any errors

Check the PostgreSQL configuration file for any issues

Check the current connections to PostgreSQL and their status

Check the PostgreSQL version installed

Check the system resources being used by PostgreSQL

Check the disk usage and available space

Check the PostgreSQL database for any inconsistencies

Check the PostgreSQL database for any corrupted data

Check the PostgreSQL database for any deadlocks

Check the PostgreSQL database for the current transaction status

Measure the rollback rate


Optimize the database configuration to reduce the frequency of rollbacks. Adjusting the database settings can help to optimize the rollback rate.

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