Password Authentication Failure for Postgres User

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This incident type occurs when there is a failure in the authentication process for the Postgres user's password. This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as incorrect login credentials, expired passwords, or database configuration issues. It is important to address this type of incident promptly to ensure that the database remains secure and accessible only to authorized users.



Next Step

Step 2: Verify if Postgres user exists

Step 3: Check if the password for Postgres user is correct

Step 4: Check if password expiration for Postgres user is enabled

Step 5: Check if there are any relevant logs for the authentication failure

Step 6: Check if there are any relevant logs for the database connection failure

The database configuration settings have been changed or misconfigured, leading to authentication issues.


Verify that the user is entering the correct login credentials. If the user is unsure of their login credentials, reset their password and provide them with the new login information.

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