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Shoreline @ Monitorama and Observa-Palooza 2023

Join at Monitorama and Observa-Palooza to share reliability best practices and have some fun.

Come join at Monitorama in Portland, OR on June 26-28th. Plus, on Tuesday night the 27th, we’re co-hosting Observa-Palooza with Sumo Logic and Kentik.

DevOps Conference + Happy Hour

At Monitorama, attendees will learn about the latest tools and techniques for modern observability. Shoreline will share how our AI and automation drive proactive incident response that eliminates thousands of hours of unnecessary human effort. This means companies can scale their infrastructure without scaling their ops teams, while still meeting SLAs. Shoreline works with your existing ops stack, and is quick to set up. Our library of prebuilt runbooks and automations allows new customers to install proven solutions off the shelf to handle hundreds of common incident types.

Observa-Palooza is an exclusive happy hour social that is the place to be for cocktails, food, and relaxation after day 2 of the conference. Registration is open to conference attendees and any reliability minded professionals that might be in the Portland area that evening. Enjoy a fun night out with your industry peers, collect some swag, and maybe you’ll get your hands on a winning raffle ticket. (This networking reception has limited availability. Please RSVP today.)

Observability and Remediation Trio

Together, Sumo Logic, Kentik and streamline the incident remediation process. provides automated incident remediation runbooks that guide DevOps engineers and SRE teams through the steps necessary to identify and remediate issues. Sumo Logic enables rapid incident response by providing real-time visibility into system performance and logs. Finally, Kentik delivers synthetic monitoring capabilities to help teams identify issues before they affect customers and provides a safe environment for DevOps engineers to practice incident remediation. Read more on the Sumo Logic blog.

See you there!

We look forward to seeing everyone at Monitorama and Observa-Palooza 2023. Come out if you can, and bring your questions. Let’s share best practices, and have some fun.