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5 Ways to Prevent an Outage

The main challenge in preventing outages lies in the inevitable breakdown of various components like disks, nodes, and networks. To mitigate this, companies need to acknowledge human error as an unavoidable factor, especially when numerous commands are manually inputted daily. Investigating how minor errors can cause significant damage and implementing safeguards and redundancies are essential steps to reduce the risks and impacts of potential outages.

In today’s always-on, ever-connected world we all expect 100% availability.

What gets in the way of this? The devil is in the details. Over time, everything breaks: Disks, nodes, containers, networks, DNS servers and configuration issues can all lead to major outages. So, what can your company do to reduce the risk, duration and impact of a potential outage? For one, companies can’t pretend that if they only try harder, they can prevent humans from making mistakes. Do you have dozens of people manually keying in hundreds of commands every day? If so, a mistake is inevitable. Companies should instead investigate how and why one small blunder in a command line could do widespread damage. Guardrails and redundancies should be in place to protect against and minimize these types of incidents.

As the enterprise continues its digital transformation toward a multi-cloud, hybrid and distributed world, there are five guidelines to consider—guidelines that can help you achieve confidence, management and quality control—and keep you one step ahead of a potential future outage.

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