Excessive memory usage by Tomcat.

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This incident type refers to the situation where the Tomcat server is utilizing more memory than it should, causing system instability and performance issues. This can happen due to a variety of factors such as memory leaks, improper configuration, or application code issues. It is important to address this incident promptly to prevent system failures and ensure optimal application performance.



Check the current memory usage

Check the processes running on the system

Find the PID of Tomcat

Check the memory usage of Tomcat

Check the Java version that Tomcat is running on

Check the Tomcat configuration

Check the Tomcat log files for errors or warnings

Check the heap usage of Tomcat

Check the thread usage of Tomcat

Check for any memory leaks

Check the JVM arguments that are being used by Tomcat


Increase the memory allocation for the Tomcat server.

Reduce the number of threads used by Tomcat.

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