Redis Rejected Connections Incident

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This incident type refers to a situation where Redis, a popular in-memory data structure store, has rejected connections. This could happen due to various reasons such as server overload, network issues, or misconfiguration. When this occurs, it can cause disruptions in the performance of applications that rely on Redis for data storage or caching. Thus, it requires immediate attention and resolution to minimize the impact on the applications and users.



Check if Redis is running

Check if Redis is listening on the correct port

Check Redis logs for any error messages

Check the Redis client connections

Check the Redis memory usage

Check the Redis CPU usage

Check the Redis configuration

Check the system load and resource usage

Check the network connectivity to Redis

Check the firewall rules and open ports


Update the firewall rules and open ports

Optimizing Redis configuration settings such as increasing the max number of connections or tuning the eviction policies to avoid overload.

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