MySQL Slave Replication Lag

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MySQL Slave Replication Lag is an incident that occurs when there is a delay or lag in the replication of data from the master MySQL server to the slave MySQL server. This can happen due to various reasons such as network latency, high load on the master server, or configuration issues. This can lead to data inconsistency and affect the overall performance of the application or service that relies on the MySQL database.



Check MySQL service status

Verify if replication is running and check its status

Check the log files of both the master and slave servers

Check the network connectivity and latency between the master and slave servers

Check the load on the master server

Check the MySQL configuration files on both servers

Check the disk usage and available space on both servers

Check the MySQL version and compare it on both servers

Measure the replication lag of a MySQL database


Define variables

Check network connectivity

Check the configuration of the MySQL replication process and ensure that it is correctly set up.

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