Nodes with PID Pressure in Kubernetes

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Nodes with PID Pressure in Kubernetes is an incident type that occurs when a Kubernetes cluster node experiences PID pressure, meaning that it may not be able to start more containers. This is a rare condition where a pod or container spawns too many processes and starves the node of available process IDs. Each node has a limited number of process IDs to distribute amongst running processes; and if it runs out of IDs, no other processes can be started. Kubernetes lets you set PID thresholds for pods to limit their ability to perform runaway process-spawning, and a PID pressure condition means that one or more pods are using up their allocated PIDs and need to be examined.



Get the list of nodes that have PID pressure

Get the list of pods that are using too many PIDs

Get the list of containers running on a node

Get the PID usage of a process

Get the number of PIDs in use by a process

Get the maximum number of PIDs available to a process


Check if there are any misbehaving or stuck processes in the node and kill them to free up PIDs.

Monitor the Kubernetes cluster carefully and identify which pods are using up the most PIDs. Once identified, adjust the PID thresholds for those pods to limit their ability to perform runaway process-spawning.

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