Executive Guide to Faster Incident Resolution 2023

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An Executive Guide to Faster Incident Resolution 2023
According to Constellation Research, incidents can cost large companies more than $100 million a year. Even more eye-opening, 49% of those incidents are straightforward and repetitive, and can be automated away.For this 2023 Executive Guide, Constellation Research teamed up with a leading survey firm, Dimensional Research, to conduct a survey that asked more than 300 IT professionals a series of questions related to the current state of IT operations.Download the report to learn more about the key findings, including:
  • Incidents, both major and minor, are more frequent than expected with a 12% increase in the number of incidents getting escalated year over year.
  • The current way of incident response is broken. Only 35% of incidents are automatically fixed.
  • The cost of incident resolution is high. For a large company, almost 12% of incidents cost them $1 million or more, and 2% of companies reported it cost them $5 million or more per major incident.
  • More than half of respondents, 54%, believe leadership lacks visibility into top incidents, team toil, team burnout, and incident response costs.
  • Production ops is getting harder as scale and complexity increases. Results show that 99% of respondents would like to see some form of AI usage to avoid manual intervention.

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