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Using to root-cause transient issues (like JVM garbage collection)

Shoreline makes it easy to collect diagnostic information when you're doing a root-cause analysis of an issue.
1 min

This example shows how to automatically capture debugging information for slow Java garbage collection and then automatically bounce the process to alleviate customer pain.


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Shoreline End-to-end Automation
Easily and safely automate incident remediations with a few lines of code.
14 min
theCUBE Interviews Shoreline CEO Anurag Gupta at AWS re:Invent
Anurag Gupta joined John Walls to discuss innovation in the cloud with DevOps teams for the Global Startup Program at AWS re:Invent 2022.
2 min
How Notebooks Empower Your On-Call Teams
Some issues can't be automated. For things that require human judgment, we provide on-call teams with notebooks that are optimized for operations. That way you know what action to take and when.