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Our Community-Driven Library of Shared Automations

We're all sitting on the same infrastructure in Production Ops, but build our systems as if we’re starting new. Insane! That's why Shoreline Op Packs are available for free.
2 min

Let’s talk about the open-source production ops solutions library we’re creating at Shoreline.

The crazy thing about production ops is that we're all sitting on the same infrastructure, but we build our systems as if we’re starting de novo.

That’s insane! That’s why we make our Op Packs (which include the metrics, alarms, actions, notebooks, bots, script, etc., needed to build automations) available for free.

It could be something:
- we’ve built for ourselves internally
- we worked on with a customer
- we know from past experience
- someone else solved and wants to share

You can download whatever you need from the Terraform registry, change it however you please, deploy it, and then ideally share it with the rest of the community.

My goal is to create a virtuous cycle around automation, just like we have for other open source technologies and tools.

In the comments, tell me about some of the things that you wish you had pre-baked Terraform modules to solve for you.


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