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[Training] Debugging Kubernetes with Runbooks

In this training, we walk you through the common issues and challenges troubleshooting Kubernetes, and Shoreline's pre-built K8s debugging runbooks.
17 min

New incidents can often lead to hours of debugging and looking for a root cause is like a needle in a haystack. Shoreline can help you cut hours off your debugging sessions with our pre-built Kubernetes Notebooks.

In this training session,  Ashley Stirrup (COO), James Kim (Sr. DevOps Engineer), and Gabe Wyatt (Content Platform Developer) of Shoreline walk you through the scope of Shoreline's pre-built Kubernetes runbooks and a live demo of its functionality. They will cover the following:

* Common issues with K8s
* Top challenges in identifying root causes
* Recommended checks to run while debugging K8s
* How Shoreline’s FREE runbooks can automate debugging K8s

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