Welcome toIncident Automation

Many DevOps tools detect incidents or assign them to the right person, but hardly anything actually helps fix them. We're changing that.

There is a missing pillar in production operations

Monitor and Detect
Incident Management
De-duplicate, Assign, Prioritize
Incident Automation
Diagnose, Repair, Automate

Debug, repair and automate away production issues like never before

Shoreline runs across your clouds, accounts, VMs, and Kubernetes clusters

Three powerful ways to squash incidents

Debug 1,000 boxes as fast as one box, empower anyone on call, and build automations in an afternoon.
Notebooks empower on-call teams
Safely empower on-call teams with step-by-step runnable recipes on how to diagnose and repair incidents.
Turbocharge incident debug and repair
Run a single command across all your infrastructure to diagnose new incidents more quickly.
Automation eliminates infrastructure tickets
Easily and safely automate incident remediations with a few lines of code.
Shoreline redefines how we approach production operations.
Osama Elkady
Co-Founder and CTO at Incorta

A library of pre-built solutions

Our community does all the hard work developing these open-source automations. Simply configure for your environment.

It works out of the box with all your favorite tools

Shoreline makes our engineers more effective and allows them to spend more time doing what they love - building, coding, and making an impact.
Louis-Philippe Kronek
General Manager at Dataiku